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Networking solutions

Our Wide Area Networks, or WAN’s for short, provide cost-effective private networking solutions to businesses of all sizes nationwide. We have a range of bespoke solutions ready to suit your needs. Whether they are managing cross-location data transfers, or secure data storage that can be easily scaled as your business grows.

Private Network solutions

Through a diverse range of networking innovations, we can provide your business with access to the latest in cloud-ready private network technologies. Our commitment to flexible and cost-effective solutions ensures that your business can operate a secure, and scalable, private network with ease.

  • Cloud-ready multi-service secure connectivity
  • UK and International access technologies
  • Several product boosts including mobile backup and enhanced monitoring
  • Divide traffic into Private Network, Internet, Voice and cloud services

Hybrid network

Using a hybrid network allows you to take advantage of our cloud-ready private network solutions, while allowing the addition of other services along the same secure connection. For instance, a hybrid network allows you to prioritise bandwidth to key business applications.

  • Prioritise data traffic for consistent services
  • Resilient, secure and reliable site connectivity
  • Configurable service wrap options
  • Divide traffic into Private Network, Internet, Voice and cloud services

Data centre

Our data centre services give your business the freedom to grow at a rate that suits you, without having to worry about on-site hosting limitations. With over 4 terabits per second of capacity and top of the line multi-layered security in place, our data centre provides the very best in hosting options. All of this, while cutting out the expense and risk of on-site hosting.

  • Risk-free storage through off-site hosting
  • The latest in multi-layered security
  • Over 4 Tbps capacity
  • Guaranteed scalability

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