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Telephony solutions

Origin Business voice services provide the latest in cloud-based technologies, VoIP solutions and Unified Communications. With our vast range of communication options, we can help you create a voice network that is high performing, cost-effective and easily managed.

Hosted voice

Hosted voice provides a flexible way of communicating by using the latest in cloud-based phone technology. As a VoIP system, the Hosted voice service runs your calls through an internet connection, guaranteeing a high-quality and reliable phone services for your whole network.

Hosted voice can also integrate with your existing phone equipment providing an improved and cost-effective, means of communication.

  • A range of HD Voice desk phones and conference phones
  • Choose applications like chat, screen share, smartphone app and email & calendar integration
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Remote working and business continuity come as standard

Call recording

Our cloud-based call-recording allows you to use this important feature without the risk and expense of on-site equipment. Review the comprehensive list of calls at your own leisure with our easy-to-use platform.

  • Simple set-up
  • Great for cross-site operations
  • Secure and scalable solution for call storage
  • Minimal management required

Inbound solutions

We understand that every business needs a bespoke service when it comes to managing calls, that’s why our business team provide a wide range of advanced call management services. Your personal account manager can help you hand-craft your perfect call package. Here are some of the options we have available:


Create defined customer journeys by adding an IVR service to your phone network. Automated voice, prompts and guides customers to the correct point of contact within your business, increasing customer care levels and streamlining internal processes.

  • Allows automated 24/7 service without staffing costs
  • Entirely customisable journey
  • Reduce call volumes and times
  • Endless capacity for growth

Audio conferencing

Increase your internal communication options by adding audio conferencing to your service. By supporting up to 20 people, audio conferencing is perfect for meetings and planning sessions in businesses of any size.

  • Quick decision making
  • Easy set-up across multiple devices
  • Both flexible and cost-effective
  • Increase in communication means increase in productivity

Contact centre solutions

Wherever your colleague are based, our virtual contact centre will allow you to manage your call network effectively while minimising cost. Our system is full of features, including customisable dashboards, call routing and comprehensive reporting.

By using cloud-based technology, our service provides continuous support throughout any situation. It is ready to function within minutes, even during a network outage.

  • Vital for disaster recovery scenarios
  • Scalable for future growth
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Expertly designed with call centres in mind

SIP trunking

SIP trunks allow you access to voice systems over the reliable and flexible connection of our Ethernet data circuits. By using the internet as the framework for your phone services, you’re able to avoid service interruption through switching channels as and when is needed.

Through implementing Quality of Service control, you’ll also be able to prioritise your calls, so that quality of voice and a stable connection is always available. SIP trunks give you increased network control, while providing a consistent connection that ensures quality.

  • Superb audio quality from calls
  • Flexible scalability of service options
  • Traffic prioritisation on voice systems
  • Create new numbers or transfer established ones

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